Sheffer Insurance

Business Owner's Policy in Southern Illinois

Rather than purchasing your liability and property insurance separately, you can package these together to form a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). These comprehensive packages are designed to be cost-effective solutions for small and medium size businesses. BOP's generally include additional coverages important to most businesses, including, employee dishonesty coverage, business interruption, extra expense, and electronic data restoration insurance.  Although, Business Owner Policies are comprehensive, many businesses may need to add additional coverages depending on the industry-specific risks.

These policies are common and probably cover every small business in your town. As a commodity-type product, obtaining a price advantage may seem unlikely. However, because Sheffer Insurance represents an array of companies each with unique BOP's, our experts routinely attain price advantages for our clients. Allow us the opportunity to find the exact coverage your business needs at a price within your budget.

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