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Construction Risk Managment

Does your agent provide you with timely updates on new and revised OSHA regulations?

When regulatory changes affect your business, we’ll make sure you have all the resources you need to keep your team informed and compliant.

Are you being proactive in your approach to workers’ compensation costs?

We can help you control workers’ compensation claims by establishing a safety policy, adopting a return to work program, streamlining reporting procedures and identifying top loss sources.

Did you know that businesses see a $4 to $6 return on every dollar invested in safety and health?

Our construction safety manual and Safety Matters “toolbox talks” provide your employees with useful injury prevention information and help build a culture of safety. We also provide posters, flyers, newsletters and more to keep safety top of mind at the jobsite.

Many construction companies only worry about risk management after an incident, but the truth is you can start saving now by implementing safety and risk evaluation programs. We can provide you with guides, workplace policies and other resources so you can protect your bottom line right now.




Use these multifunctional tools to evaluate various pain points that are unique to the construction industry. Many of these tools can be customized for your organization’s specific needs, so you can see how your business is faring and learn ways to manage your risk exposures.




OSHA and other federal agencies often release rules specific to the construction industry, and mismanaging compliance topics can lead to costly fines and a tarnished reputation. Use these attorney-written compliance tools to understand your obligations and make sure your business stays in compliance.




Promote various workplace topics with hundreds of employee-facing resources, including flyers, articles, bulletins and guides that will help keep health and safety top of mind.





To ensure your long-term success, your business needs to be ready to respond to a number of common construction risk exposures. These programs and response plans can help you and your employees be ready for a wide variety of scenarios, such as trench collapses, fires and hazardous substance spills.   



Make sure that falls, electrocutions and other injuries only cost you a single time. These resources can help you establish best practices for investigating the true sources of construction incidents and reduce the chance of costly reoccurrences.




Sheffer Insurance understands the unique demands and exposures for construction companies and their owners. Due to our litigious society construction companies are faced with more complex coverages, higher limits, costly document retention, longer certificate tracking, subcontract agreements, and much more. Our clients demand more than insurance policies from us, shouldn't you demand more from your current insurance partnership? 

We work relentlessly to deliver value as a service to the following contracting clients: General Contractors, Masonry, Concrete, Street & Road, Mechanical & Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, Painting, Boring, Crane Operators, and Excavation.

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