Sheffer Insurance

Payment & Performance Bonds in Southern Illinois

Your customers in Southern Illinois and beyond rely on your experience, dedication, and performance. Their confidence and desire to work with you increases when they know you are bonded by a highly reputable company that is known in the industry for delivering on their promises. At Sheffer Insurance we are confident we can help you with your surety bond solutions because we offer several highly rated companies and an experienced team.

Obtaining a payment and performance bond can be complex and time consuming but Sheffer Insurance has the expertise and systems in place to get you a payment and performance bond within 24 hours in most cases. Providing surety bond solutions and advising our clients on their surety needs is our business and we strive to do our business better and faster than anyone else. We currently provide and deliver surety bonds for clients in Herrin, West Frankfort, Benton, Mt. Vernon, Centralia, Carterville, Marion, Carbondale, and Murphysboro.

Why us?

Ready to serve YOU

  • We value long-term relationships
  • We are local and take pride in our ability to provide fast and personal service
  • We take the time to learn your unique business so that we can design a custom surety bond program specifically for you

Capacity that fits YOU

  • Regardless of your size of operation, duration of jobs, or work-on-hand we have the ability to provide you with solutions
  • Whether you are new business or have been in business for years, we can help you with your surety bond needs
  • For smaller surety bond needs or your bond needs are infrequent, we can provide a performance bond for amounts up to $350,000 without financial statements 

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