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Public Official Bonds in Southern Illinois

Almost all elected public officials and many appointed officials are legally required to be bonded guaranteeing the faithful performance of their duties. If the bonded official does not perform the duties faithfully, then the official and the surety are liable to the public body for the loss or losses. These are bonds are designed to protect the public rather than the individual.

Public officials can receive coverage individually for their responsibility to the public with a public official bond. However, since certain laws or statutes may also hold the public official liable for the conduct of his or her subordinates, public officials may also need fidelity coverage. 

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Public Official Bonds include, but are not limited to:

  • Agents for the Sale of Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Licenses, Auto Tags, etc.
  • City and County Clerks
  • City and County Officials
  • Commissioners of Deeds
  • County Collectors
  • Notaries Public
  • Public Employee Name Schedule
  • Public Employee Position Schedule
  • School and County Treasurers
  • Sheriffs
  • Town Clerks
  • Treasurers