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Renter's Insurance in Southern Illinois

renter's insurance

Imagine coming home from work to find that your apartment has been robbed or even worse, burned to the ground. Starting over from scratch can be emotionally and financially devastating. Most people constantly accumulate things but rarely consider how much it would cost to replace their clothes, computers, flat screen televisions, furniture, etc. 

We offer a wide array of companies that keep renters protected when disaster strikes. Most of our policies will cover $20,000 to $30,000 of contents coverage, and more if needed. However, contents coverage is only one component of most renters policies. You also receive liability coverage, which can be extremely important. For instance, if a guest in your kitchen trips and falls, you could be held personally liable. However, most standard renters policies will help protect you if you are sued. You also receive additional living expenses if you have to relocate temporarily, meaning you won't have to stay with your crazy in-laws while your roof is being fixed.

Let us explore with you all renter's insurance options so that you are protected when confronted with the unexpected. 

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