Sheffer Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Our goal is to help you minimize claims and keep your premiums low. We will help you analyze your business's current and potential MOD and make sure the MOD is accurate. If credit is available, we won't just tell you about it, but will work relentlessly to obtain it.

We represent, and have access to, a variety of reputable insurance companies allowing us to consistently deliver adequate coverage at the best prices. The companies we represent work to lower your premiums by educating your staff and supervisors, helping you create and maintain a safer work environment, and much more. Worker’s Compensation may be one of your more expensive policies but is vital to the longevity of your business. We collaborate with our companies and your business to get you the proper coverage which reflects the size of your staff, type of industry, and  the volume of work, all with your bottom line in mind.

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